Solving Foundation Puzzles

Too often in the construction industry, customers are faced with the task of trying to find the right company to get the job done right, on time, and for a reasonable price. With Bishop Construction, you don’t have to keep searching.

As we have said before, it is because of our knowledge and experience that we are able to keep our prices low and take almost any job that is thrown our way. We genuinely enjoy helping people and solving problems. We always look at each project like a puzzle and don’t stop until it has been solved in the way that makes the most sense. 

Fixing a Foundation That No One Else Could

Bishop fixes foundations no one else can | Cleveland, OH

This client, like many others, came to us because they had a large company that was supposed to try to rebuild their house and the owners of that company were stumped. The did not know exactly how to rebuild the first floor of the house. So, they quoted the customer an astronomical amount. 

Halfway through the project, she was getting ready to go bankrupt, but then she decided to start searching the web to try to find somebody who could come in and fix this.

She got a hold of me, and we were the only ones that came by that knew exactly how to do this. And we knew how to for it for a fraction of the cost that everyone else quoted. At the same time, we’re still well paid for our work but confidently fixing the problem without needing to overcharge. 

Foundation Problems are Our Sudoku

A few years ago, we were called to an elderly woman’s house because her foundation was failing, and the house was literally sinking into the ground. This project, like many other foundation jobs, was a messy situation, but we were up to the challenge. 

When you see someone who’s in a home, and it’s sinking, or it’s falling apart, and they’re almost desperate you don’t leave them. If you know how to do it right, you not only need to convince them that you know how to do it right, but you need to literally show them something before you leave. So, we run over to Home Depot to show the customer what we would do to save her home.

The moral of the story is that at Bishop Construction, we don’t leave anyone in a building that is unsafe, we don’t overcharge, and we really enjoy helping you solve your construction problems! If you want the most experienced and knowledgeable company work to help you solve your foundation problems, then contact us at Bishop Construction today!