Residential Construction

Bishop Construction LLC has been a trusted residential construction contracted for over thirty years. We currently serve many communities in the Greater Cleveland area. 

With any project, we like to coordinate cost vs. value added and in the end, we try to make the value of the project more than the cost.

We do more than just specialize in additions, kitchens, and whole house renovations.  If you have any project, large or small, we have the right resources to manage it.  Our team of experts can help you in these areas:

Emergency Structural Repairs

Bishop Construction is your emergency structural repair go-to company! We have all the experience and know-how needed to fix any faulty foundations issues due to improper materials/quality, failing beams or bearing walls, or any other problem that your foundation may have.

Foundation Repair Like No Other

One of the most intriguing projects we’ve undertaken recently was a house that quite literally straddled a creek. Here’s a glimpse of the innovation and problem-solving that went into it:

The Challenge:

The original builders of the house used inadequate wooden beams. Over the years, these beams, hidden under a deck, began to rot. Previous attempts to rectify the situation only involved placing steel plates along each side of the beam. However, this temporary fix led to further neglect, allowing the beams to deteriorate from the top, unchecked.

Our Solution:

Rather than just patching up the damage, we saw an opportunity to innovate. By adding steel caps to the previously placed plates and welding them together, we transformed those makeshift solutions into a robust steel beam. In essence, we created our custom I-beam right in place. As Dan Bishop, our expert from Bishop Construction, mentioned, this method not only ensured the structural integrity of the building but was also designed to encompass the rotting wooden beams, ensuring they’re protected and fortified.

Why Bishop Construction?

Cost-effective Solutions: Our approach to the challenge saved the homeowners a significant amount, almost half of what other companies estimated.

Expertise and Integrity: We believe in doing what’s right for our clients, ensuring they get a safe, functional foundation without unnecessary costs.

Collaboration with Professionals: Our commitment to quality and safety means we regularly work alongside architects, structural engineers, and local municipalities to ensure our solutions are approved and done correctly.

If you’re facing challenges with your foundation, remember: foundations might be tricky, but we’re the experts who can help. Contact Bishop Construction today for innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to all your foundation repair needs.

Adding On To Your Home 

Bishop Construction LLC will help you expand your home and build expansions for more livable spaces. We’ll work on your garages, dormers in the attic, in-law suites, or porches and decks. No project is too small or too big!

Re-utilizing Existing Spaces

Are you looking to repurpose an old room? We’ve had our fair share of experience in craft rooms, entertainment rooms, home offices, and workshops. However you may be looking to revamp an old space, we can supply you with the right tools and in the right direction. 

Restoration / Replacement / Repair

We’re here to help with your restoration, replacement, and repairs – that includes your windows, doors, siding, porches, decks, and roofs. 

Custom Carpentry

Do you need a custom carpentry job? We specialize in kitchens, media centers, craft rooms, and dens. Whatever your needs are Bishop Construction LLC will consult with you and make sure your custom carpentry order is satisfied. 

Updating Of Your Home

We also restore existing spaces like your kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms, bedrooms and in-law suites. 

Additional Work

Including but not limited to:

  • Painting
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Tile
  • Carpeting
  • Skylights
  • Insulation
  • Drywall

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