Becoming Your Own Construction Project Manager

Being your contractor or foreman is tempting when building or remodeling a new house. Though it is best to do so through a licensed contractor. It’s a general idea of customers who have enough knowledge and enough backbone to want to get into their own remodeling projects and handle most of the work themselves.

Becoming your own contractor can save some bucks, but it is more complex when considering these tasks at hand. There’s a steep learning curve.

Becoming your own contractor or foreman

To complete the job, you need to understand the scope of work, know the pros and cons, compare cost differences,  decide on your level of involvement, learn about permit and code requirements,  create a schedule, and stick to It.

In addition, you must be adept in coordination, purchasing materials, and keeping your subcontractors flowing toward your goals. You must be strict with your plan but flexible when things arise. It’s a type of skill that you’ll need to become adept in your work. Master of researching, event planning, coordinating, and budgeting are other skills to become your contractor.

Working with a Contractor 

As usual, you may need a contractor to come in and help. Being your own contractor can be complicated. Contact Bishop Construction to learn how to get through a construction project yourself.