Foundation Issues that Most Contractors Run from, Bishop Runs To

By Bishop Construction
July 03, 2019 Category: Foundation Repair

One of the biggest construction jobs in the industry is a foundation repair job. The foundation is what keeps your home stable and safe. Without a sturdy, sound foundation, everyone and everything in your home is at jeopardy. Keeping Your Family Safe From Foundation Failure At Bishop Construction, we take foundation issues very seriously because we careabout the family inside more than the money from the project like other construction companies have a tendency to do. Likewise, many other companies wont take a job if it is too difficult or too messy. But Bishop knows that everyone deserves a safe home! That is why we run to people who have massive foundation issues! Its All About the Money for the Other Guys Other times, when companies see a big project, they only focus on the fact that they can charge a lot of money for the job. There are many problems with this method! First of all, it means that the family is going to pay an astronomical amount to have their foundation repaired

Proper Permit Knowledge Saves You Time and Money

By Bishop Construction
June 26, 2019 Category: Constructions Costs, Permits, Planning

City Councils and Permits At Bishop Construction, we have a unique advantage compared to other construction contractors. We have the ability to understand the whole scope of a project not just from the construction protect side but from the city council side as well. The city council plays a huge roll in every construction project. They are the ones who sign the permits for every project in that city. Bishop Understands Permit Processes When most contractors show up for building permits, they dont have a lot of exposure with people that work for the city, and they dont always know what their expectations are. However, after being around enough building inspectors and enough people on the city council, you start to understand how to play by the rules in a more efficient way. At the same time, we are the worker; we are the ones who will be doing the project, meaning we understand the work that needs to be done. There are Two Sides: City and Construction As a contractor, once you

What Does it Take to be a Smart Business Owner?

By Bishop Construction
June 26, 2019 Category: Residential Construction

Being a smart business owner, no matter the type of business is about experience and doing right by your customers. After so many years of working with the same types of problems, you start to evolve your style, approach and really begin to start thinking outside of the box. Caring for Your Customers An important part of being a smart and experienced business owner, especially in an industry when people whose lives and families depend on your work, is realizing that it is not about the money, its about doing what is right. Everyone needs money, and of course, that is what drives a business, but an experienced business owner knows that if you do right by the customer and you consistently provide what you promise and prove yourself to them, the money will follow. Having a Passion for What You Do The key is that you have to really care about what it is that you do and show your customers that it is your passion. In our case, at Bishop Construction, we deal with fixing peoples homes,

Experienced in Problem-Solving in Construction and in Life

By Bishop Construction
June 12, 2019 Category: Planning, Problem Solving

At Bishop Constructions, one of our strong suits is being able to honestly and accurately estimate projects by using naturally developed problem-solving skills, not just in construction but in life in general. Real Life Experience Translates to Construction Our very own Dan Bishop of Bishop Construction, tells us about the times he spent backpacking across Europe and how his experiences there translate to the work he does for you in helping rebuild, restructure, and improve your home! Failure Isnt an Option While on his trip in Europe, Dan and his backpacking crew found themselves on the verge of running out of food and water. Obviously, this is an issue that needed to be solved! There was no way that Bishop was going to give up. Before I had these traveling experiences, failure was always an option, Dan shared. But, when it comes to surviving out in the middle of nowhere when youve run out of the two things you need to live, failure is not an option anymore. The problem-solving

Honest Construction Consultations in Cleveland, Ohio

By Bishop Construction
June 05, 2019 Category: Honest Construction Consultations

One of the reasons people call construction companiesis to diagnose a problem and then do what is necessary to fix that problem. They are looking to the company for expert advice and skills. However, it often happens that constructions companies will take advantage of their customers lack of knowledge to upsell them on services they do not need. At Bishop Construction, we never take advantage of our customers and always fix the issues we see our their building has; no more, no less unless the customer asks and as long as it is safe. Big Construction Companies Take Advantage of Big Budgets Something that we have noticed is that other construction companies will take advantage of potential customers who have bigger budgets to spend on their projects. Everyone one in ten potential customers that call will have a big budget to spend on their construction even though in a lot of cases there are no real problems. These companies are trying to find out a way to make money off of these people.

Solving Foundation Puzzles

By Bishop Construction
May 15, 2019 Category: Residential Construction, Foundation Repair

Too often in the construction industry, customers are faced with the task of trying to find the right company to get the job done right, on time, and for a reasonable price. With Bishop Construction, you dont have to keep searching. As we have said before, it is because of our knowledge and experience that we are able to keep our prices low and take almost any job that is thrown our way. We genuinely enjoy helping people and solving problems. We always look at each project like a puzzle and dont stop until it has been solved in the way that makes the most sense. Fixing a Foundation That No One Else Could This client, like many others, came to usbecause they had a large company that was supposed to try to rebuild their house and the owners of that company were stumped. The did not know exactly how to rebuild the first floor of the house. So, they quoted the customer an astronomical amount. Halfway through the project, she was getting ready to go bankrupt, but then she decided to

Rotting Foundations Repaired Right

By Bishop Construction
May 08, 2019 Category: Foundation Repair

A common issue with many houses is foundation rot. This occurs when the house or an addition to the house is built with wooden beams that are not protected or reinforced. Sometimes the issue could also be due to improperly sized materials such as wood beams that are too small for the house that they are supporting. Weve talked about this particular project before in a recent blog, but since it was such a large and important project, we wanted to talk about it again. But this time we are going to focus on the issue of rot. Rotting wood beams is a huge issue that can cause the foundation of a house to deteriorate. In a perfect world, every house would be built with properly sized beams, and then those beams would be fortified with a protective cover. However, many construction companies do not reinforce these beams either out of ignorance, theyre trying to save money, or they werent working with the right engineers and architects. We at Bishop construction have extensive knowledge

Foundation Repairs on Large Older Homes

By Bishop Construction
May 01, 2019 Category: Foundation Repair, Residential Construction

If you live in Northeast Ohio, you have probably been through Lakewood, OH at one time or another. Youve seen how huge most of these homes are; whether they are duplexes or single-family home, theyre all very large. Not only are these homes large, but theyre old too, many of them built in the 20s or 30s. A Common Foundation Issue in Lakewood Style Homes With older homes of this size, we have seen a lot of issues with foundation support causing the footers to sink into the ground. The reason this has been happening is because these types of houses were built with undersized footers. Although they have big block walls with big footers all the way around the perimeter with a beam to the center of the house, they still only used two inches of concrete for the center footers as shown in the photo below. This causes the whole house to sink into the middle. So, we fix it by going under the house and putting oversized footers in underneath this center beam to re-support the beam, lift it

Faulty Foundation Fixes for Less

By Bishop Construction
April 26, 2019 Category: Foundation Repair

Bishop Construction is a Cleveland based construction company that specializes in foundation repair. There are many issues that can arise with a faulty foundation, whether it be a result of the original builders, weather, or just time. Whatever the case, Bishop Construction is the go-to construction company to get your foundation fixed right and for the best price. Dont Just Take Our Word for It Here is one example of a unique foundation repair that we did in the past... As you can see in the picture above, the house extends over a creek. This can be a precarious situation. If the foundation of this house is faulty, the owner is going to end up with part of their home in the creek. Therefore, you would think the original builders would ensure a robust foundation. However, they didnt use the right size beams, and they were wooden beams. Foundations built upon beams that are not the right size make for an unstable house. Moreover, wooden beams will rot with time, and that is exactly

How Bishop Saves You Money on Your Structural Foundation Repair

By Bishop Construction
April 17, 2019 Category: Foundation Repair, Residential Construction

At Bishop Construction, one of our many specializations is foundation repair. Not only do we have the skills and the experience to repair a foundation but it is because of our extensive knowledge of foundations that allows us to save our customers a lot of money! Moreover, we make sure every project is done right by the book so that we leave our customers with a safer and more valuable building. An Example of a House on the Brink of Collapse This specific foundation repair was actually more of a structural repair. The houses entire first floor was rotting out from underneath. Many other construction companies did not know how to repair the foundation, or they didnt want to because they believed that the house was going to collapse. So, some of them quoted this owner way more than necessary, and others chalked it up as a lost cause. Our Experience and Expertise Saves You Money However, we knew how to support the house while we rebuilt the floor. We lifted the house up where we needed

Knocking Down the Walls Between You and the Home of Your Dreams

By Bishop Construction
March 27, 2019 Category: Residential Construction

In our last blog, we talked about how taking out a wall or two in an office can really change the way the room feels. Likewise, more recently people have been caught up in the modern style craze. Everyone wants a house that has a nice open floor plan. However, most homes that are even a few years old were built to be very compartmentalized, where each room is its own space. Just because your house was made that way, it does not mean it has to stay that way. Bishop Construction can help you break those barriers and give you the spacious house of your dreams! It Starts with You We will get a call from a customer who wants to open up their home by taking down a few walls. More often than not, they will have something in mind as to which one they want to go and how they want it to look. So, we then go take a look at their house to see what we are working with. After assessing the structure of their home, if we can do exactly what they envisioned, we will. However, that is not always

Making Walls Disappear

By Bishop Construction
March 20, 2019 Category: Office Construction, Commercial Construction

Nothing is worse than an office that is crammed tight with no natural light. But, what if all those problems could be solved with the removal of just one or two walls? Usually, some walls are used as a support for the rest of the building, but Bishop Construction has the expertise to make your office feel like a whole new space safely! Want an Open Floor Plan? The most common type of office setting people are leaning towards nowadays are open floor plans because they are accessible, bright, and modern. However, takinga wall out of a pre-existing structure can be a difficult project. Especially if you dont know if that wall is being used as a support, has a vertical beam in it, or a header that would hang too low after the wall was knocked down. Have no fear; we have the experience you need to remove that wall, so your office is structurally sound and looks good! There is Always a Way Although, there are cases when the walls our customers want to be removed cannot be otherwise their

Beating Commercial Budget

By Bishop Construction
March 13, 2019 Category: Planning, Construction Costs, Commercial Construction

Bishop ConstructionLLC has been building in Cleveland for over 30 years. Whether the project was commercial or residential, Dan Bishop and his team of experienced crafters get the job done right, on time, and well under your budget. It is important to finish each project promptly and with every precaution taken to ensure a safe worksite and sturdy building. However, many larger construction projects can take a much longer time to construct and can cost well over a million dollars. This extra time and cost are usually due to the specific wants and needs of the project manager or owner. Unlike the other guys, we care more about saving you the time and the money! At Bishop Construction, we take the time to review every inch of the projects blueprints and plans in order to eliminate unnecessary steps that are only causing the project to take longer and cost more for the same finished product. For example, we can find alternative ways to work with city rules and regulations so that we do

Commercial Construction Contractor in Cleveland for "Messy" Jobs

By Bishop LLC
March 01, 2019 Category: Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction Contractor in Cleveland Thrives on Messy Jobs Bishop LLC is a commercial construction company in Cleveland that begun as a residential construction company. Through their residential work on smaller projects, they realized the opportunities commercial construction presented at a much larger scale. Bishop LLC is passionate about saving customers money and wanted to help out business owners who have projects for older buildings, environmental hazards or lots of red tape in an effort to restore their beauty all while saving them money. Bishop LLC really excels at these types of projects. At the end of the day were just another commercial contractor, but we like to save our clients money. The more technical, the more problems we run into, the more difficult work that needs done - the more we excel because we know how to jump through the hoops, save money and eliminate things that are unnecessary that a lot of people include in estimates.We know how to work within

Faulty Commercial Foundations

By Bishop Construction
February 15, 2019 Category: Commercial Repairs

The key to handling a faulty foundation is the balance between budget and doing it right. There is a large difference between residential foundation repairs and commercial foundation repair, which is why you should hire someone who is an expert in commercial foundation repairs. Weve seen many commercial construction foundation repairs go way over budget by other repair shops. The trick is to work with the right architect who understands how the building is currently supported and how it needs to be supported. Usually the reason a commercial foundation building repairs go over budget is because the contractor lacks confidence.Since they lack confidence in their ability to get the job done on timeand on budgetthey begin toovercompensate byoverusingmaterials, resourcess and human labor. In the end, you have noidea how much extra you are spending and nobody else will either. Bishop Construction can cut that cost back by looking at whether or not the foundation was built correctly in the

How to Plan Properly for a Big Construction Project

By Bishop Construction
January 25, 2019 Category: Commercial Construction

Bishop Construction has partnered with Virteom to engage our customers and users about our construction processes and services. In our video series, Jacqui and Dan talk about some tips and ideas when it comes to construction. This video is all about big commercial jobs and how to properly plan. Watch or read the transcription below! this transcription is interview style. With commercial construction, theres a lot of red tape and theres also a lot to consider - youre working with a bigger area bigger building, just a bigger project vs. a residential construction project.. Why is planning for a large commercial job important? One of the biggest problems with large commercial projects is that when a large project property ownerget a hold of contractors because they have situations, they have projects, they have buildings that need rebuild, they have new buildings to build, they have codes to comply to. And the problem is youll deal with contractors, you know property owners will have

Setting a Realistic Budget for Residential Construction Projects

By Bishop Construction, LLC
December 21, 2018 Category: Residential Construction, Construction Costs

Bishop Construction LLLC has partnered with Virteom to engage our customers and users about our construction processes and services. In our video series, Jacqui and Dan talk about some tips to keeping a realistic budget for residential construction projects. This video is all about helping you keep a realistic budget for your construction project. Watch or read the transcription below! Today were going to talk about setting a realistic budget for your residential construction project. Whether its for your home maybe in an inside or outside whatever when youre getting ready to figure out your budget or youre getting your quotes, these tips will be very useful to you. What should you consider when budgeting a residential construction project as a homeowner? The Cost of the Contractor The cost of a contractor is an important factor when trying to stay on budget forresidential construction projects. Typically, when homeowners get the final quote from their contractor theyre nice, understanding,

How to Avoid Wasteful Spending on Commercial Construction

By Bishop Construction, LLC
December 11, 2018 Category: Commercial Construction, Construction Costs

Bishop Construction has partnered with Virteom to engage and inform our customers through video. We believe in doing jobs the right way, taking the proper steps, and eliminating waste. Well talk about how were able to do this and things you should know if youre a property manager, managing a commercial construction job, or a business owner with an ongoing or upcoming project. Dan Bishop is the owner of Bishop Construction and he sits down with Jacqui to discuss wasteful spending on large commercial construction projects and how to avoid it. Dan starts by answering the question - What are some of the wasteful spending youve seen in big commercial projects? Contractors Do Too Much, Municipalities Fan the Flame Well, most of the wasteful spending happens when you have a contractor, even a good contractor, who may think that he knows all the ins and outs of the projects at hand. But its too common for people to do too much when they are just trying to follow local building codes, trying

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