Rotting Foundations Repaired Right

A common issue with many houses is foundation rot. This occurs when the house or an addition to the house is built with wooden beams that are not protected or reinforced. Sometimes the issue could also be due to improperly sized materials such as wood beams that are too small for the house that they are supporting.

We’ve talked about this particular project before in a recent blog, but since it was such a large and important project, we wanted to talk about it again. But this time we are going to focus on the issue of “rot.”

Rotting wood beams can cause house to collapse, Bishop saves it | Cleveland, OH

Rotting wood beams is a huge issue that can cause the foundation of a house to deteriorate. In a perfect world, every house would be built with properly sized beams, and then those beams would be fortified with a protective cover. 

However, many construction companies do not reinforce these beams either out of ignorance, they’re trying to save money, or they weren’t working with the right engineers and architects.

We at Bishop construction have extensive knowledge on how to build/repair foundations that are sturdy and long lasting. We never cut corners to save money! And, we always work very closely with the best structural engineers and architects to make sure the building will be safe, strong, and last a very long time.

Though we do not cut any corners, we are still able to save our customers a lot of money while also saving them from having their house collapse. 

If you want to know more about how you can save a fraction of the cost other companies are quoting to repair the rotting wood in your home’s foundation, contact us at Bishop Construction. We are confident in our skills and have years of experience with emergency foundation repairs!