Understanding Permits: The Key to Saving Time and Money

City Councils and Permits

At Bishop Construction, we have a unique advantage compared to other construction contractors. We have the ability to understand the whole scope of a project not just from the construction protect side but from the city council side as well. 

The city council plays a huge roll in every construction project. They are the ones who sign the permits for every project in that city. 

Bishop Understands Permit Processes

When most contractors show up for building permits, they don’t have a lot of exposure with people that work for the city, and they don’t always know what their expectations are. However, after being around enough building inspectors and enough people on the city council, you start to understand how to play by the rules in a more efficient way. 

At the same time, we are the worker; we are the ones who will be doing the project, meaning we understand the work that needs to be done.

There are Two Sides: City and Construction

As a contractor, once you understand how to do the work correctly and you understand all the players involved, then you can start being more efficient are effective. You’ll know exactly how to pull permits, how to pull the right permits, and how to keep things simple for customers and inspectors.  

Everybody needs to do a good job because there are so many times where you’ll get a builder involved or a renovation expert involved, and they put too much on to the city. This means too much time and money put into the permits, which requires more work from an architect which escalates the cost of the project, and many times it’s not even necessary.

Keeping Costs Down and Time Short

What we found out working with the city of Cleveland and a lot of different municipalities is that if you understand the whole process, you are much more efficient. You can eliminate a lot of costs, not hide anything, and run these jobs much more efficiently just by knowing how to work with the inspectors and how to work with the homeowners.

If you are looking for the right construction contractor for you, contact us at Bishop Construction today! We have the experience and know-how from both the construction side and the city council side to provide you with the best!