Effective Planning for Large-Scale Construction Projects

Bishop Construction has partnered with Virteom to engage our customers and users about our construction processes and services. In our video series, Jacqui and Dan talk about some tips and ideas when it comes to construction. This video is all about big commercial jobs and how to properly plan. Watch or read the transcription below!

this transcription is interview style.

With commercial construction, there’s a lot of red tape and there’s also a lot to consider – you’re working with a bigger area bigger building, just a bigger project vs. a residential construction project..

Why is planning for a large commercial job important?

One of the biggest problems with large commercial projects is that when a large project property owner get a hold of contractors because they have situations, they have projects, they have buildings that need rebuild, they have new buildings to build, they have codes to comply to. And the problem is you’ll deal with contractors, you know property owners will have a certain list that they’ll try to make up of things that need done. Give it to the contractor and the contractors will process most of that as it’s given to them. And sure, they’ll tweak it a little bit but at the end of the day, everybody’s following the same format. Everybody’s trying to give a competitive bid.

So, they’re all coming into a point with blinders on because they’re trying to be led around by the by property owner or project owner, and they’re not really able to really dig in and find the savings for these people. When you get a multi-million-dollar projects, the savings are in things that didn’t need to be done. Basic mistakes on every commercial project can run into the hundreds of thousands easily and people don’t realize that it’s that big.

So one of the reasons that some of these some of these people putting up bids maybe running into them having those blinders on is because they’re still focused on the bit, they’re so focused on winning the contract that maybe they’re foregoing or missing some things that could potentially add cost or add to something you may find that may add cost later.

What normally happens is you’ll have these you know these property owners and project owners they are so concerned on saving money and trying to get the project done correctly that they will they’re not paying attention to the contractors as much the contractors aren’t paying attention to the owners as much. They’re all focused on this list of tasks that need to be done. 

At the end of the day, if you do it correctly, you could take a third of those tasks right off there just because you need to have the contractor or the person with the wisdom that knows how to bob and weave and how to play the game. A lot of times it is just a game with cities and municipalities and what they expect and you have a lot of people in charge making a lot of costly decisions for property owners that really do not know what they’re doing.

And the property owners have their sights on on different goals and different focuses. So having an expert or someone that can help them manage and figure out what are those pieces they may be missing or they may be shooting past that can really help them with those major savings or foregoes forget those minor things that can add big costs down the road.

What does Bishop construction do differently?

Well what Bishop construction does is we get in. We meet up with the owner. We look at the project. We’ll get a common list of projects that need done and we come back and we’ll basically say well if you did this you don’t need to do that. If you do this you don’t need to do that. This is how we basically operate. And what I like to do is get a basic budget, we’ll get their estimates together. Everybody’s in a certain amount of money and I’ll be able to look at all the work that needs to be done and say well I can do this for that amount of money and I can save you an estimated X amount of dollars along the way. Just because of my knowledge of what needs to be done and what doesn’t need to be done.

In the end while an owner means well and they’re battling over saving $10,000 – $20,000 between bids, I can be the contractor at the back of the pack who’s going to save another half million dollars and do top notch work. Not cutting any corners at all, but knowing what to do and what not to do because you have a lot of educated minds it building departments working for municipalities are all very well-educated people, but they don’t have enough knowledge to know when to say when. And just to make sure that they don’t put their jobs on the line, they’re saying I think we need to do this and this and this extra when you don’t. You need someone who can see that and make the call on.

Our Time in Construction

Right now I’m pushing 35 years, but in those 35 years, it’s mostly been residential. Only recently did I get into larger commercial projects because I was amazed at the amount of money that large companies and large corporations waste.

You had all that knowledge already from your residential work and from your background and when you saw it in the commercial you said I got to get in there and save these people money.

I got to get in and save these people money and it’s just amazing how much money people can save and they’ll never realize it unless they get someone in that knows how to deal with municipalities and do it safely.

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