Diagnosing Structural Damage in Your House

Structural damages can be anything that adversely affects the value of your property. A simple snap beam, part of a foundation wall settling, poor design or structural faults can cause these problems. You can start seeing these damages at any time.

Diagnosing Structural Damage

  • Check uneven floors caused by cracked floor joists, settling foundations, and improper construction. 
  • Look at cracks in plaster, stonework, and brickwork. They can be superficial but may also signify more severe settlement issues. Ensure whether cracks are diagonal, vertical, or horizontal.
  • Inspect roof leaks as they are a sign that roof timbers are moving outwards.
  • A sagging roof means structural issues caused by removing load-bearing walls or mid-sized framing timbers. 

Contact Bishop Construction to Diagnose and Repair Structural Problems.

Diagnosing structural problems is complex.  The longer you take to diagnose the damage, the harder it is to fix. Get them repaired soon to prevent a heap of damage to internal structures.

Bishop Construction is here to help you. Get in touch. We specialize in fixing the structural problems. If you need help, give us a call.