Avoiding Wasteful Spending on Commercial Construction

Bishop Construction has partnered with Virteom to engage and inform our customers through video. We believe in doing jobs the right way, taking the proper steps, and eliminating waste. We’ll talk about how we’re able to do this and things you should know if you’re a property manager, managing a commercial construction job, or a business owner with an ongoing or upcoming project. 

Dan Bishop is the owner of Bishop Construction and he sits down with Jacqui to discuss wasteful spending on large commercial construction projects and how to avoid it. Dan starts by answering the question – What are some of the wasteful spending you’ve seen in big commercial projects?

Contractors Do Too Much, Municipalities Fan the Flame

Well, most of the wasteful spending happens when you have a contractor, even a good contractor, who may think that he knows all the ins and outs of the projects at hand. But it’s too common for people to do too much when they are just trying to follow local building codes, trying to put on a good show in front of the owners.

They will go a little bit overboard on projects not knowing how to read between the lines. They commonly do too many projects that weren’t necessary. Maybe they put forward a little bit too much information that make a lot of building departments and municipalities demand extra projects, extra length to the projects, extra things to be done that all add extra cost and they don’t really need to be there.

As contractors, we like to be the smartest people in the room when it comes to construction. Contractors are never going to put out there that they really don’t always know what to do or always know the right thing to do or how far to take things in certain situations. They want to make sure that once they have a project locked in with a big client, they’re safe.

More Money for Big Construction Jobs That Keep Growing

A lot can go wrong throughout a big job, so they want to have all the ground covered. But in doing so, they alert cities of the small projects within the job. If they have to spend money to do a certain thing that the city tells them they have to do, then they have to do it. They pass that bill onto the customer and they look good. No one realizes, in the middle of all this, that there were a lot of unnecessary things done.

Minimize Cost Without Losing Quality for Commercial Construction Jobs

In last project that we did for our certain customer in downtown Cleveland, we spent a little bit over two million dollars of their money and we saved them over half a million dollars. That’s a lot of savings and people don’t realize how far this can go. 

Bishop Construction can jump in on an ongoing project to consult on unnecessary steps, wasteful spending, and how to protocol without the cities adding to the cost. We are also contractors that can be there from the beginning to ensure the right steps are taken to stay on budget and eliminate waste. 

Dan Bishop is your man to help eliminate all that wasteful spending for your commercial projects whether it be in new construction, maybe a repair, some renovations, or an ongoing job.