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Honest construction company in Cleveland, Ohio | Bishop Construction

One of the reasons people call construction companies is to diagnose a problem and then do what is necessary to fix that problem. They are looking to the company for expert advice and skills. However, it often happens that constructions companies will take advantage of their customer's lack of knowledge to upsell them on services they do not need.

At Bishop Construction, we never take advantage of our customers and always fix the issues we see our their building has; no more, no less unless the customer asks and as long as it is safe.

Big Construction Companies Take Advantage of Big Budgets

Something that we have noticed is that other construction companies will take advantage of potential customers who have bigger budgets to spend on their projects. Everyone one in ten potential customers that call will have a big budget to spend on their construction even though in a lot of cases there are no real problems. 

These companies are trying to find out a way to make money off of these people. And so many times they'll leave these people without answers. And people get frustrated and give us a call to come in and get a second opinion.

We show up and take a look and end up telling these people, and they almost didn't believe us, but there is nothing they needed to do their foundations were perfect. Everything was in order. All the things that were happening to their house were normal things that happen over time, and they really didn't have to spend any money. This happened to us twice in the last two weeks.

Honesty is Our Policy

The reason that we work honestly with our customers is because ten years ago, we had a customer who we never did a project for. The only thing we did for them was answer their questions and concerns honestly. And from this honesty, we have created one of the best customer relationships we've ever had. 

If you have questions or concerns about your foundation or any other part of your home or business, and you want an honest and fair opinion, contact us at Bishop Construction. We pride ourselves on our integrity and our ability to provide people with a sense of security with their homes.  

Honest construction company in Cleveland, Ohio | Bishop Construction

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