Foundation Repairs on Historical Homes

If you live in Northeast Ohio, you have probably been through Lakewood, OH at one time or another. You’ve seen how huge most of these homes are; whether they are duplexes or single-family home, they’re all very large. Not only are these homes large, but they’re old too, many of them built in the 20s or 30s. 

A Common Foundation Issue in Lakewood Style Homes

With older homes of this size, we have seen a lot of issues with foundation support causing the footers to sink into the ground. The reason this has been happening is because these types of houses were built with undersized footers. Although they have big block walls with big footers all the way around the perimeter with a beam to the center of the house, they still only used two inches of concrete for the center footers as shown in the photo below.

Undersized center foundation footer causes home to sink | Lakewood, OH

This causes the whole house to sink into the middle. So, we fix it by going under the house and putting oversized footers in underneath this center beam to re-support the beam, lift it right back up, and the whole house raised back into place with leveled floors! 

Fix Your Foundation For Less

Many construction companies struggle to solve this issue. They over analyze the repair and end up charging you for more work, more laborers, more engineers, etc. Because of our specialized knowledge in foundation repair, we are able to fix your foundation for a fraction of the cost of other companies. 

Contact Bishop

It’s really a quite simple process and relatively quick too. So, if you live in one of these older homes, like the ones in Lakewood, and you have an unleveled floor, it could be because of undersized footers in your foundation. Make sure to contact Bishop Construction to solve this issue for the best price and the best results!