Faulty Foundation Fixes for Less

Bishop Construction is a Cleveland based construction company that specializes in foundation repair. There are many issues that can arise with a faulty foundation, whether it be a result of the original builders, weather, or just time. Whatever the case, Bishop Construction is the go-to construction company to get your foundation fixed right and for the best price. 

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Here is one example of a unique foundation repair that we did in the past…

An example of a foundation needing repair from Bishop Construction | Cleveland, OH

As you can see in the picture above, the house extends over a creek. This can be a precarious situation. If the foundation of this house is faulty, the owner is going to end up with part of their home in the creek.

Therefore, you would think the original builders would ensure a robust foundation. However, they didn’t use the right size beams, and they were wooden beams. Foundations built upon beams that are not the right size make for an unstable house. Moreover, wooden beams will rot with time, and that is exactly what happened here.

Through the years, as the wood deteriorated, the previous owners had steel plates installed to the outside of the wooden beam for support. Although this was helpful, it was only a temporary fix. They did not remove the rotting wood or seal the rest of the beams. 

How We Fixed It for Less

At Bishop Construction, we always do right by the customers, no matter what. We want you to be safe and your home to be sturdy. That being said, we did the job right sealed those beams with steel. Thus, creating a brand new steel beam around the old ones. 

Not only did we help this customer keep their house standing, but we also saved them a lot of money! When we quoted them, they had told us they were quoted at least twice as much by other companies. However, we only do what is necessary while others will try to push for more than is needed, such as tearing out this whole foundation. 

If you have a house or other building that needs a foundation repair, don’t overpay. Contact us at Bishop Construction, and we will get the job done for less with the best results!