Skilled in Construction Challenges and Life’s Problem-Solving

At Bishop Constructions, one of our strong suits is being able to honestly and accurately estimate projects by using naturally developed problem-solving skills, not just in construction but in life in general. 

Real Life Experience Translates to Construction

Our very own Dan Bishop of Bishop Construction, tells us about the times he spent backpacking across Europe and how his experiences there translate to the work he does for you in helping rebuild, restructure, and improve your home! 

Failure Isn’t an Option

While on his trip in Europe, Dan and his backpacking crew found themselves on the verge of running out of food and water. Obviously, this is an issue that needed to be solved! There was no way that Bishop was going to give up. 

“Before I had these traveling experiences, failure was always an option,” Dan shared. But, when it comes to surviving out in the middle of nowhere when you’ve run out of the two things you need to live, failure is not an option anymore. 

The problem-solving skills and perseverance that Bishop learned during this experience has made him better able to think about problems in an abstract way. Now he can look at a situation and approach it from different angles until he finds the right solution!

Solving Your Problems When Others Can’t

Bishop says he has been called out to numerous potential jobs where people would say, “these other contractors couldn’t find a way to do what we want to do.”  Meanwhile, Bishop was the only one who could solve these client’s problems! 

“You keep thinking, you keep reinventing things, you keep looking at the same thing that you didn’t have answers to until you find those answers.”

If you are having a hard time finding an honest and experienced construction company to help you solve issues with your home or other building, contact us at Bishop Construction. Not only will we find the solution to your problems, but Bishop will tell you all of his stories while we are doing helping you!