Commercial Construction Contractor in Cleveland for “Messy” Jobs

Commercial Construction Contractor in Cleveland Thrives on “Messy” Jobs

Commercial Construction Contractor in Cleveland for Messy JobsBishop LLC is a commercial construction company in Cleveland that begun as a residential construction company. Through their residential work on smaller projects, they realized the opportunities commercial construction presented at a much larger scale. Bishop LLC is passionate about saving customers money and wanted to help out business owners who have projects for older buildings, environmental hazards or “lots of red tape” in an effort to restore their beauty all while saving them money.  

Bishop LLC really excels at these types of projects. At the end of the day we’re just another commercial contractor, but we like to save our clients money. The more technical, the more problems we run into, the more difficult work that needs done – the more we excel because we know how to jump through the hoops, save money and eliminate things that are unnecessary that a lot of people include in estimates. We know how to work within all the cities and municipalities around Cleveland so we can save them money, get the projects done correctly and it’s first class work all the way. We cut no corners, yet the savings are unbelievable. The messier the project gets, the more we thrive. 

There a lot of old business sites along the Cuyahoga river here in Cleveland that have been left vacant, have violations from the Health Department and City that need to be taken care of. We look at these properties as an opportunity to excel because we can take care of the bad waste on these sites. We know how to take care of the old buildings that need rebuilt, we know how to go underground and redo piping, or major electrical – We have a brilliant office manager and we work on these projects hand in hand to make sure we come up with the most intelligent ways to walk through these projects. One of the biggest opportunities to save money is waste elimination. We end up saving customers a large amount of money in a short amount of time.  

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