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Beating Commercial Budget

By Bishop Construction
March 13, 2019 Category: Planning, Construction Costs, Commercial Construction

Bishop ConstructionLLC has been building in Cleveland for over 30 years. Whether the project was commercial or residential, Dan Bishop and his team of experienced crafters get the job done right, on time, and well under your budget. It is important to finish each project promptly and with every precaution taken to ensure a safe worksite and sturdy building. However, many larger construction projects can take a much longer time to construct and can cost well over a million dollars. This extra time and cost are usually due to the specific wants and needs of the project manager or owner. Unlike the other guys, we care more about saving you the time and the money! At Bishop Construction, we take the time to review every inch of the projects blueprints and plans in order to eliminate unnecessary steps that are only causing the project to take longer and cost more for the same finished product. For example, we can find alternative ways to work with city rules and regulations so that we do

Setting a Realistic Budget for Residential Construction Projects

By Bishop Construction, LLC
December 21, 2018 Category: Residential Construction, Construction Costs

Bishop Construction LLLC has partnered with Virteom to engage our customers and users about our construction processes and services. In our video series, Jacqui and Dan talk about some tips to keeping a realistic budget for residential construction projects. This video is all about helping you keep a realistic budget for your construction project. Watch or read the transcription below! Today were going to talk about setting a realistic budget for your residential construction project. Whether its for your home maybe in an inside or outside whatever when youre getting ready to figure out your budget or youre getting your quotes, these tips will be very useful to you. What should you consider when budgeting a residential construction project as a homeowner? The Cost of the Contractor The cost of a contractor is an important factor when trying to stay on budget forresidential construction projects. Typically, when homeowners get the final quote from their contractor theyre nice, understanding,

How to Avoid Wasteful Spending on Commercial Construction

By Bishop Construction, LLC
December 11, 2018 Category: Commercial Construction, Construction Costs

Bishop Construction has partnered with Virteom to engage and inform our customers through video. We believe in doing jobs the right way, taking the proper steps, and eliminating waste. Well talk about how were able to do this and things you should know if youre a property manager, managing a commercial construction job, or a business owner with an ongoing or upcoming project. Dan Bishop is the owner of Bishop Construction and he sits down with Jacqui to discuss wasteful spending on large commercial construction projects and how to avoid it. Dan starts by answering the question - What are some of the wasteful spending youve seen in big commercial projects? Contractors Do Too Much, Municipalities Fan the Flame Well, most of the wasteful spending happens when you have a contractor, even a good contractor, who may think that he knows all the ins and outs of the projects at hand. But its too common for people to do too much when they are just trying to follow local building codes, trying

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