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What Does it Take to be a Smart Business Owner?

By Bishop Construction
June 26, 2019 Category: Residential Construction

Being a smart business owner, no matter the type of business is about experience and doing right by your customers. After so many years of working with the same types of problems, you start to evolve your style, approach and really begin to start thinking outside of the box. Caring for Your Customers An important part of being a smart and experienced business owner, especially in an industry when people whose lives and families depend on your work, is realizing that it is not about the money, its about doing what is right. Everyone needs money, and of course, that is what drives a business, but an experienced business owner knows that if you do right by the customer and you consistently provide what you promise and prove yourself to them, the money will follow. Having a Passion for What You Do The key is that you have to really care about what it is that you do and show your customers that it is your passion. In our case, at Bishop Construction, we deal with fixing peoples homes,

Honest Construction Consultations in Cleveland, Ohio

By Bishop Construction
June 05, 2019 Category: Honest Construction Consultations

One of the reasons people call construction companiesis to diagnose a problem and then do what is necessary to fix that problem. They are looking to the company for expert advice and skills. However, it often happens that constructions companies will take advantage of their customers lack of knowledge to upsell them on services they do not need. At Bishop Construction, we never take advantage of our customers and always fix the issues we see our their building has; no more, no less unless the customer asks and as long as it is safe. Big Construction Companies Take Advantage of Big Budgets Something that we have noticed is that other construction companies will take advantage of potential customers who have bigger budgets to spend on their projects. Everyone one in ten potential customers that call will have a big budget to spend on their construction even though in a lot of cases there are no real problems. These companies are trying to find out a way to make money off of these people.

Foundation Repairs on Large Older Homes

By Bishop Construction
May 01, 2019 Category: Foundation Repair, Residential Construction

If you live in Northeast Ohio, you have probably been through Lakewood, OH at one time or another. Youve seen how huge most of these homes are; whether they are duplexes or single-family home, theyre all very large. Not only are these homes large, but theyre old too, many of them built in the 20s or 30s. A Common Foundation Issue in Lakewood Style Homes With older homes of this size, we have seen a lot of issues with foundation support causing the footers to sink into the ground. The reason this has been happening is because these types of houses were built with undersized footers. Although they have big block walls with big footers all the way around the perimeter with a beam to the center of the house, they still only used two inches of concrete for the center footers as shown in the photo below. This causes the whole house to sink into the middle. So, we fix it by going under the house and putting oversized footers in underneath this center beam to re-support the beam, lift it

Faulty Foundation Fixes for Less

By Bishop Construction
April 26, 2019 Category: Foundation Repair

Bishop Construction is a Cleveland based construction company that specializes in foundation repair. There are many issues that can arise with a faulty foundation, whether it be a result of the original builders, weather, or just time. Whatever the case, Bishop Construction is the go-to construction company to get your foundation fixed right and for the best price. Dont Just Take Our Word for It Here is one example of a unique foundation repair that we did in the past... As you can see in the picture above, the house extends over a creek. This can be a precarious situation. If the foundation of this house is faulty, the owner is going to end up with part of their home in the creek. Therefore, you would think the original builders would ensure a robust foundation. However, they didnt use the right size beams, and they were wooden beams. Foundations built upon beams that are not the right size make for an unstable house. Moreover, wooden beams will rot with time, and that is exactly

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