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Faulty Commercial Foundations

By Bishop Construction
February 15, 2019 Category: Commercial Repairs

The key to handling a faulty foundation is the balance between budget and doing it right. There is a large difference between residential foundation repairs and commercial foundation repair, which is why you should hire someone who is an expert in commercial foundation repairs. Weve seen many commercial construction foundation repairs go way over budget by other repair shops. The trick is to work with the right architect who understands how the building is currently supported and how it needs to be supported. Usually the reason a commercial foundation building repairs go over budget is because the contractor lacks confidence.Since they lack confidence in their ability to get the job done on timeand on budgetthey begin toovercompensate byoverusingmaterials, resourcess and human labor. In the end, you have noidea how much extra you are spending and nobody else will either. Bishop Construction can cut that cost back by looking at whether or not the foundation was built correctly in the

How to Plan Properly for a Big Construction Project

By Bishop Construction
January 25, 2019 Category: Commercial Construction

Bishop Construction has partnered with Virteom to engage our customers and users about our construction processes and services. In our video series, Jacqui and Dan talk about some tips and ideas when it comes to construction. This video is all about big commercial jobs and how to properly plan. Watch or read the transcription below! this transcription is interview style. With commercial construction, theres a lot of red tape and theres also a lot to consider - youre working with a bigger area bigger building, just a bigger project vs. a residential construction project.. Why is planning for a large commercial job important? One of the biggest problems with large commercial projects is that when a large project property ownerget a hold of contractors because they have situations, they have projects, they have buildings that need rebuild, they have new buildings to build, they have codes to comply to. And the problem is youll deal with contractors, you know property owners will have

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