Common Structural Problems and Repair

Cracks on walls and floors, water seepage and chipping plaster walls are some of the common structural problems that can affect the structural reliability of your house. However, it takes time for the walls to crumble and fall. So no need to get worried. Generally, people unnecessarily start calling everybody and anybody after noticing a…

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Challenges That Daunt Many Contractors Are Embraced by Bishop

One of the biggest construction jobs in the industry is a foundation repair job. The foundation is what keeps your home stable and safe. Without a sturdy, sound foundation, everyone and everything in your home is at jeopardy.  Keeping Your Family Safe From Foundation Failure At Bishop Construction, we take foundation issues very seriously because…

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Faulty Commercial Foundations

The key to handling a faulty foundation is the balance between budget and doing it right. There is a large difference between residential foundation repairs and commercial foundation repair, which is why you should hire someone who is an expert in commercial foundation repairs.  We’ve seen many commercial construction foundation repairs go way over budget…

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