Foundation Repairs


Common Foundation Problems

Unlevel Stairs and Stoops

Worried about sliding down icy stairs? An unlevel foundation can cause stairs to sink and crack. Ge the foundation repairs you need and feel safe again. 

Sticking Doors and Windows

Do you have doors or windows that are hard to shut? Is there a “trick” to getting them shut? This could be a sign of serious foundation repairs that need attention. 

Cracked or Bowing Ceilings and Walls

Having cracks in your walls and ceilings is unsightly. You can keep filling and painting it, but it won’t stay for long. Fix those leaks in the basement and more with the proper foundation repairs. 

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Discover the Solution to Your Foundation Problems

Is your home showing signs of foundation issues? Cracks in the walls, sloping floors, or doors that won’t close properly are all red flags that your foundation may be in trouble. But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place!

At Bishop Construction, we specialize in foundation repairs that will restore your home’s stability and protect your investment. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your home stands strong for years to come.

Our Foundation Repair Services

Foundation Crack Repair

Don’t ignore those hairline cracks; they can lead to major issues. We use advanced techniques to seal and reinforce your foundation.

Basement Waterproofing

Protect your basement from water damage with our waterproofing solutions. Say goodbye to dampness and mold!

Crawl Space Repair

A neglected crawl space can harm your home’s air quality and structural integrity. Let us repair and encapsulate it for you.

Foundation Underpinning

If your foundation is sinking or settling, our underpinning methods will stabilize it and prevent further damage.

Slab Repair

Cracks or sinking slabs? Our experts will restore your concrete surfaces to their original condition.