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History and Business Come Alive with Green Construction in Cleveland

By Bishop Construction
August 08, 2017 Category • Green Construction, Commercial

When you think about building green, which cities come to mind? Likely, San Francisco, California or Seattle, Washington enter your thoughts. You may even consider locations in Colorado or Vermont. But, expand your imagination and add Cleveland, Ohio to the list. Revitalizing the area while preserving the environment is important to the community in this midwest city. In fact, to support this claim, Middleburg Heights, a suburb of Cleveland, makes Expedias list of the most eco-friendly places around. With plenty of history and culture in Cleveland, existing structures offer opportunity to become host sites for modern commercial businesses. Renovating these buildings to be green and meet current codes makes them efficient for the companies using them and attractive to the community patronizing them. What exactly is green construction? In terms of rebuilding, green means renovating structures to use less energy, conserve resources and use materials with little to no toxins. While the

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