Rebuilding Cleveland

Bishop Construction is all about our home, "The Land".  Cleveland was a major player in the industrial revolution and was considered to be the wealthiest city in the world at one point, home to John D. Rockefeller and "Millionaires Row". We all know industry in the US is a lot different now, but Cleveland has remained a force to be reckoned with as our economy continues to grow.

Business is booming in Cleveland as small, medium, and large companies alike are flocking here to launch restaurants, start-ups, shops, manufacturing plants, tech companies, and all kinds of businesses.


Looking for a new location?

Dan Bishop of Bishop Construction has a dream to rebuild Cleveland and restore it back to it's status from the industrial age, a top destination. The Cuyahoga River runs along the beautiful city and there are many old factories and brick buildings that have been vacated along it. Bishop Construction wants to turn these beautiful, architectural and historic brick buildings into modern, green, booming businesses that bring more light into a shining city.

Whether you are looking for the perfect location for your business or the best spot to open a new store, Cleveland is where you want to be. It's less expensive then western cities and major landmarks and the business knowledge, experience, and networking opportunities are abundant.

When you come to Cleveland to build commercially, you want it to be with someone reliable, professional, experienced, innovative, and passionate. Bishop Construction is that company.


Rebuild and Save Money

Building from the ground up can be an expensive and lengthy process. Rebuilding an existing structure is an alternative to a new building that is less expensive and can give a better end result. Bishop can rebuild an existing structure to appear modern with or without a vintage feel, match all modern codes, and be greener in it's energy efficiency. In today's market, there is great value in rebuilding like this to make your business location a must-visit place for customers.

Go Green

Bishop is all about rebuilding green, this means that a building is renovated to use less energy, conserve resources, stand up to modern codes and contain little to no toxic materials. Green rebuilding can mean a more costly investment during the construction period of a commercial building but you'll save by rebuilding an existing structure and in lower operational energy costs.

Many business owners and investors see more value in being environmentally friendly and saving money on energy over the life of the building. Because green buildings are now highly sought after, these modifications will also increase the value of your home or commercial building.


Interested in building your business or next location in Cleveland? CONTACT US:

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